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PostHeaderIcon Completed Clinical Trials

This is a list of the clinical trials Dr. Maguen has completed since 1978. Please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions.

• Trifluorothymidine (F3T) for treatment of ocular Herpes simplex.  Doheny Eye Foundation/USC, 1978 - Investigator

• Heyer Schulte Specular Microscope.  For photography in vivo of the corneal endothelium (Corneal Thickness Sub-Study), 1979, Principal Investigator.

• Sauflon extended wear lenses for myopia and aphakia

A  Pre-clinical Studies, 1978 -- Principal Investigator
B.  Clinical Studies, 1979-1981 -- Investigator

• Silicone extended wear soft contact lenses, Dow Corning, 1979 -- Principal Investigator

• Polycon gas permeable lenses, 1981-1982 -- Principal Investigator

• Saturn II lenses in keratoconus, 1989 -- Principal Investigator

• Softperm lenses in keratoconus, 1991 -- Principal Investigator

• Epidermal growth factor for the treatment of persistent epithelial defects, Chiron 1989 -- Principal Investigator

• Several core and adjunct intraocular lens studies, 1978-Present -- Investigator

• Excimer laser PRK & PTK, VISX 20/20 Laser, 1991-Present -- Investigator

• Excimer laser T-PRK, Autonomous Technologies, 1995-Present -- Investigator

• VISX STAR S2 Excimer Laser System? for Hyperopia with or without Refractive Astigmatism (LHCM), VISX, Inc., 1999-2001 -- Investigator

• VISX STAR S2 Excimer Laser System? for Mixed Astigmatism (CMX11), VISX, Inc., 2000-2001 -- Investigator

• Study of Recombinant a-Galactosidase A Replacement in Patient with Fabry’s Disease, Genzyme Inc., 1999 - 2001 –- Investigator

• Epicon K Lenses for the Treatment of Keratoconus, Specialty Ultravision, 2000-2002 --Investigator

• Restasis Eyedrops for the Treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Allergan, 2000-2002 -- Principal Investigator

• Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of INS365 vs. Placebo in Patients with Dry Eye Disease, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, 2001-2002 -- Principal Investigator

• Comparison Study of Dorzolamide Hydrocholoride/Timolol Maleate Combination to Brimonidine Tartrate and Timolol Maleate for Patients with Elevated Intraocular Pressure, Merck & Co., Inc, 2001-2002 -- Principal Investigator

• Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of an Eyedrop vs. Placebo in Patients with Peripheral Keratitis, Santen, Inc., 2002 – Present -- Principal Investigator

• Topical Preoperative and Postoperative Use of Ophthalmic Suspension for Treatment of Anterior Segment Inflammation after Cataract/IOL Surgery (Napafenac), Alcon, 2003 – Principal Investigator

• LADARVision System Use of the Refractive Data from a Wavefront Measurement Device (WMD) for the Correction of Refractive Error - LASIK, Alcon, 2002-Present – Co Investigator

• LADARVision Use of the Refractive Data from a Wavefront Measurement Device (WMD) for the Correction of Significant Optical Aberrations from Ocular Irregularities or Surgically Induced Aberrations, Alcon, 2004 start up --Principal Investigator .

• Rebapamide Ophthalmic Suspension in the treatment of dry eyes: a multicenter phase 3 randomized double masked Placebo controlled parallel group study. Otsuka; 2004-2006; Principal Investigator.

• A phase II study of the efficacy and safety of AP23573 in patients with Taxane Resistant Androgen Independent prostate cancer (AIPC); Ariad Pharma – Investigator, Ophthalmology collaborator

• A multicenter open label, flexible dose parallel group evaluation of the cataractogenic potential of Quetlapine fumarate (Seroquel) and Risperidone (Risperdal) in the long term treatment of patients with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorders; Astrazeneca – Investigator, Ophthalmology collaborator.

• Bausch/Lomb, Protocol #433, Bacterial Conjunctivitis Study. A Study to Evaluate The Clinical and Microbial Efficacy of 0.6% ISV-403 Compared to Vehicle in the Treatment of Bacterial Conjunctivitis.

• Alcon Research, Ltd., Protocol C-05-23, Tobradex AF Study. A Double-Masked, Parallel-Group, Randomized, Single Dose, Pharmacokinetic Comparison Study of Tobradex AF Suspension and Tobradex Ophthalmic Suspension.

• Alcon Laboratories, Protocol C-05-57,  Phrase 3 US Clinical Study of  the Acrysof, Angle-Supported Phakic Refraction IOL

• Neuro Vision, Inc., Protocol AEI01, A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of the Neurovision System for the Improvement of the Visual Acuity and Contrast  Sensitivity.